The immense popularity in recent years has found a drug is Dapoxetine (he also called Prilidzhi). Its developers have become famous in the world pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, and initially found the drug name Priligy. The famous and the once popular Viagra today in the background, because the market has Dapoxetine drug, not less effective. Throughout the world, there are men who suffer from premature ejaculation and Dapoxetine tablet solve this problem. Earlier this buy Viagra today prefer this drug, as the drug Priligy.
By the way, Dapoxetine is sold in pharmacies usually free, but what he has advantages? If a man decided to buy Dapoxetine, he can be calm, because it will not have an orgasm and premature early ejaculation. Duration of sexual intercourse with generic Dapoxetine will be more, and together with drug ... Read more »

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1. Treatment by introducing intracavernous drugs. In this way, an artificial erection is achieved. Received injections required vasodilator drugs directly into the corpus cavernosum of the penis. Do this procedure is necessary before intercourse. Apply more than once a week is prohibited. Disadvantages of the method are available in the form of painful erections and possible complications of cavernous tissue in the form of its sclerosis.

2. Introduction of intraurethral suppositories. With this method, the man himself enters through the urethra itself medicine with a special device. Erection begins its quality and duration up to one hour or more.

3. Impotence treatment to local negative pressure. The so-called vacuum method. With a special tank, which is placed in the penis and which creates a negative pressure and to achieve an erection. The simplicity of the method of its main dr ... Read more »

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